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Hi MTC friends,



I send the wrong site.


To learn Silhouette


It is Say it with Simplicity



Design and save as SVG.



Kind regards





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Onderwerp: RE: [MTC-Tuts] Cricut Design Space Changes Coming


HI MTC friends



I still use the old C ofcourse with MTC.


I bought the Cameo 4  (before my C died) and learned a lot from


She explains on an easy way how to use Silhouette Cameo. 


I bought the business edition. So I can import  SVG files and export to SVG.


I also bought SCAL 5.


I have learned alot of the tutorials from Julie. Thanks.


I hope we can use MTC fo a long time.



Kind regards from The Netherlands.


Yvonne van Sambeek





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Onderwerp: Re: [MTC-Tuts] Cricut Design Space Changes Coming


i am looking at the cameo 4 right now, i need someone who has one to message me please and let me know the pros of it.. do you need to subscribe to cameo u? can you use it as a stand alone machine or do you need to use an online function likd cricut? i want a machine that has its own software that i can use while offline


On Saturday, March 13, 2021, 12:40:52 PM EST, Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:



Yes, if you use Cricut Explore or Maker machines that require the use of Cricut Design Space to cut to your machine, with this new policy, you will be allowed to upload only 20 designs a month to cut to your machine. You can use unlimited designs available in Cricut Desing Space, but if you purchase or use designs from other software, the number of uploads of SVG files and images will be limited. 



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 Just to be clear if you want to use  You're Explorer 2 or newer cricut machines you have to purchase a subscription??  So if we design it in another software and sent to the cricut to cut you can only do it 20 times a month??

 Unless you sign up, I thought this was free so now there will be charging??


Thanks for always keeping us informed.





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Date: 3/12/21 11:26 PM (GMT-05:00)

Subject: [MTC-Tuts] Cricut Design Space Changes Coming


Changes coming to Cricut Design Space-Good and BAD! Cricut Design Space will soon be adding an offset feature (AKA outline, shadow layer). This is a good, long overdue feature. Now for the BAD new feature. If you do not purchase their membership plan, Cricut Access, you will be limited to uploading ONLY 20 of your own designs from other software per month. This is a problem for me, and for many people who share free designs with Cricut Design Space users. All users who collect free SVG files to use with their Cricut Explore or Maker machines will be limited to using only up to 20 of those designs per month, or be forced to pay for a subscription. I don't need access to Cricut designs, because I design my own. But if I want to cut them on my Expore or Maker I have to use their software. Now they want to force me to PAY to cut more than 20 of my own designs per month?

I hope there will be an uprising among Cricut users to stop this foolishness!!!!!! I suspect that this is illegal. People should be able to cut their own designs on machines that they purchased without having to pay for a subscription. Especially since there is no other software that allowed to cut to these machines.

I already feel like a slave to illegal mask mandates and lockdowns. This new Cricut policy smacks of further control that I cannot tolerate.

What do you think? If this new policy bothers you, I hope you will join me in complaining to Cricut.