Liz Ackerman

Make The Cut!’s sister product Popup Card Studio is no longer available to purchase even though there is a website that “sells” it. The owner was unaware that PCS was defunct. He will be fixing that as soon as he can.
This will likely also mean that if you lost your PCS registration key it may be likely that you will not be able to recover it. I am waiting information on that.


dusty dusty

I really like PCS  if he is no longer going to provide keys for those who has purchased he should make PCS so that you do ot need a key to use it and let us download again with this new version then take down the site that is still selling it.   I have had,  like many others  have had I am sure,  so many expenive programs that  I lost money on because the company when out of business etc and you could no longer activate the program if if you have the orgianal key.