New Release MTC 2.2

Julie Flanagan

There is a new Release of MTC 2.2

This version adds full printer support.

This means that you can fill your images with color, then print the colored images with or without the design lines showing. Or you can choose to print just the black design lines without the color fill.

If you are "Printing" to a cutter such as Craft Robo, Silhouette, Wishblade, etc. then you need to have the cutting design lines showing on the screen.

This new release uses a different installer than previous versions due to the false virus report with the previous installer.

You may download the latest version of MTC 2.2 using this link:

If you did not download MTC 2.1, then please Uninstall MTC 1.4 before downloading and installing 2.2 for best results.

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Maureen Maloy

Julie - do you know why when the program is opened it no longer tells us there is a more updated version?  Just wondering...