50% all designs from Silhouette through Aug 4

Julie Flanagan

Even if you do not have a Silhouette Machine, you can use designs from the Silhouette Design Store with your other cutters. Silhouette is having a 50% off sale on all of their designs from now through August 4, 2020. Here is my affiliate link:

To use the designs from Silhouette Studio with other cutters, make your purchase of any Studio files of your choice. Download to your computer. Unzip the downloaded file by double clicking on the file and selecting Extract All. Go to this site to convert Studio files to SVG :
You can convert 10 Studio Files per day for free. 
Import the resulting SVG file to your favorite cutter software. 

Here is a video demonstrating several methods for converting Studio files for use in Make The Cut. From Make The Cut, you can export the files as SVG, and import into other cutter software.

Because Silhouette Studio has over 150,000 designs available from hundreds of different designers, I frequently find files I like, and purchase them. I don't convert to SVG until I am ready to use them.
Perhaps you will find some must-have designs there as well. If so, purchasing them during a 50% off sale will save you money.  You can save even more by purchasing a subscription during one of their subscription sales. Each year that you renew your subscription, you get an additional 10% off of the subscription price. If you purchase a subscription for the entire year in advance, you get an additional 5% off of the subscription price. I have been doing this for years, so my cost for each $.99 design is currently down to less than $.04 when I purchase during the 50% off sale. I have the Premium subscription that allows me $150 worth of downloads each month. During 50% off sales, I get twice as many designs for the $150 credit. I save my credits for up to 2 months, giving me about $300 to use during the 50% off sales. The price I paid for $1800 worth of downloads for the year was $121.11. I  place all of the designs I like on my wish list, and dump the wish list to my cart during 50% off sales. That gives me double the value, so that regular $.99 files cost me only $.03 each. I can create my own designs, but my time is worth a lot more than $.03. 

Purchases made via the Silhouette Design Store are not "Rentals". You own the designs you purchase even if your subscription expires. However, it is important to know that the designs are designated as "Personal Use Only", unless you pay extra for a commercial use license.