Julie Flanagan

Welcome to all of our new members! We hope you will take some time to browse through all that is available here. At the bottom of each group e-mail message that you receive, there is a link that you can click on to "Visit your group." Click on that link to get to the group's Home page online. Or you can go directly there by clicking on the group's web address: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/MTC_Tuts

From the Home page you can check out all of the lessons posted in the Files section by clicking on the Files link on the left side of the screen. There are folders there for Introductory, Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced lessons. We also have a folder where group members can post files that they wish to share with others.

You can see some of the lesson projects in the group Photos section. Again, the link to see the photos is on the left side of the screen.

The Links section of the group is filled with links to both printable and video tutorials for Make The Cut produced by a variety of very talented people. So whether you learn best by seeing a video or by working through printable tutorials, you are sure to find some help in the Links section. I have divided the links into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced skill levels

The Database section of the group has a place where Frequently Asked Questions are posted, and another for requesting tutorials. As tutorials are posted, the links for those are included.

The group Messages section is where we post questions and answers. Everyone is welcome to post answers. These are the e-mails that you have received. Be sure to browse through the messages for lots of helpful information.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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