Tutorial Request Database

Julie Flanagan

I have added a Database in the group Database section where you can post your requests for specific tutorials. To access the Database,
1. Click on the Database link on the left side of the screen at the Group's home page.
2. Click on Tutorial Request.
3. Click on Add Record near the center right side of the screen.
4. Type in the Title of the Tutorial you would like to have.
5. Type in the desired format, either printable or video.
6. Add any comments to clarify your need.
7. Click on the blue Add Record button to post your request.

As tutorials become available on the requested topics, I will edit the database, inserting the location of the tutorial in the Location field. This database will serve a couple of purposes. First, it will help us keep track of which tutorials have been requested. Secondly, group members can refer to this list for finding helpful tutorials.

I hope members will take advantage of this feature of our group.

Flanagan Educational Services