Re: hp 7500e wide format - ink sale info :FYI:

Susan Boyles

Staples have the same sale and this is what it comes out to pre tax.
Reg Price  40% off           Sale  Price       Total
19.99 7.996 11.994 31.984
9.99 3.996 5.994 15.984
9.99 3.996 5.994 15.984
9.99 3.996 5.994 15.984
49.96   29.976 79.936

Just an FYI


 Thanks for the time and God Bless to you as well.


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Date: Wed, 5 Jan 2011 11:30:19 -0500
Subject: [MTC_Tuts] Re: hp 7500e wide format all in one printer - ink sale


I received an email from Office Depot yesterday and their ad said HP ink was on sale; buy 1 get the second one 40% off.  I noticed this trend the last few months, instead of things being half off it was always pay full price for the first and get the discount on the second one.  Not sure if the deal mentioned above works out better than the warehouse deals and if you don’t have one near you try ordering it online.


You all have made my decision to purchase a little easier.  I received an ipad for Christmas and need an E printer and this looks like it might just be the right choice.  My ipad is still sitting unopened because I’m afraid they’ll release ipad2 in the next month and I’d rather have the updated one; I know, is enough ever enough.  But I tend to keep my things for years, my laptops are six years old and my printer even older.


Cheryll G


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