Re: hp 7500e wide format all in one printer

Susan Boyles

I just bought this 2 days ago (from staples and recycled my old printer for $50 off)
I haven't been able to print photos yet, except -  when setting up the printer the first time,
I did a test print of photos from a website on regular printer paper and loved it - clear and vivid
and if that is a indication of how it will print on photo paper, then I am so glad I picked it.
I went with it because I needed wireless (awesoooooooooooooome).
Our printer died, so I needed one that can print the standard size and when I saw this wide format
being able to print from 3x5 to 12 x 12 (the tray is awesome), I decided to get it and take a chance.
Consider me your guinea pig.  I will e-mail my photo printing findings later today.
Hope to hear from others who have it too.

 Thanks for the time and God Bless to you as well.


To: MTC_Tuts@...
From: cheryllg@...
Date: Mon, 3 Jan 2011 15:46:31 +0000
Subject: [MTC_Tuts] hp 7500e wide format all in one printer

Does anybody own the hp 7500e wide format, all in one printer? It can print 12x12 paper and can do air print for the iphone and ipads; I wonder how the photos and text look after printed.


Cheryll G.

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