New Database & Group Features

Julie Flanagan

I added a Database in the Group Database section for recording Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Be sure to check it if you have questions.

At the bottom of each group e-mail message you should find a link to Visit your group, as well as as listing of Recent Activity. When you see new links, new photos, new files, new database, etc., you can click on those links to go directly to the group site to access the information online. You may not receive any notification of new additions.

From the group's home page there are links posted on the left side of the screen that will take you to Messages, Files, Photos, Links, Databases, etc.

The Keyword Search in the Messages section is not working yet. Yahoo is working on fixing this. However, the search for Message # does work. So if you are looking for message #5, enter 5 in that box and press Search.

Members have the option to receive individual e-mails, digest, web only, or special notices only. You can change the way you receive group e-mail by clicking on Edit Membership at the top of the group home page

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