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Julie Flanagan

Thanks, Tammy! I go through every tutorial offered on the software that I am using, whether I think I need to or not. It is amazing how much I can learn from others, even though I have been using the software for years. Each person has a slightly different way of doing things. I learn new tricks and tips every day as I go through printed and video tutorials.

I do appreciate it when everyone goes through the basic tutorials, even though they already know the basics, because it puts us all on the same page for the more advanced tutorials. That way I don't have to cover the basics in each tutorial, but can assume that everyone knows how to do what has been previously covered. For example, I probably won't explain in each lesson how to open a file, because that was covered in an introductory lesson. But if someone jumps in on an advanced project, and hasn't yet learned how to open a file, they may get frustrated with the lesson.

The same is true for reading the posted messages. Since we are trying to keep this group "On Topic", there is something to be learned by reading through the posts in the Message section of the group before asking questions. If everyone will do this, there will be less need for the same questions to be answered over and over. I don't know if I can keep up with it, but I hope to make a database file of FAQs (frequently asked questions) that lists message numbers and files that answer those questions.

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I just want to say thank you for creating this type of challenge and helping us want to work through every lesson. Honestly I was having a hard time trying to tell myself I had to do all the lessons no matter how easy I thought they were. By you creating the challenge and giving away a free image is an excellent reason for me to finish a lesson, even if I do think it's easy. Thanks again.
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Tammy S.

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