Julie Flanagan

I posted an introductory tutorial in the files section at

and I would like to issue a challenge. There is a project to do, and an assignment. Anyone who does the assignment and posts their completed project in the group photos section by the end of March will receive a free cutting file from me. All you need to do to be a winner is send me a private e-mail including your name and a link to your photo in the group's photos section by March 31. I will return your prize via e-mail.

Even if you have never used Make The Cut, this project will be easy enough for you to do. All who work through the tutorial will be winners, because it introduces you to some of the great new features of Make The Cut 2.03. It covers the first steps you need to learn for designing your own cutting files.

If you are a more advanced cutter user (and I know we have a number in this group), I challenge you to create a design to add to your card, and share it with the group in the group Files section. All of the shared files will make us all winners!

Your design may include text, shapes, images, etc., and you should use only Make the Cut software to create your design. I know this is limiting to some, however, the purpose of this challenge for you is to get you playing with this software to see what you can do with it. You may share your file in SVG or MTC format. Any shared files must be totally your own creations. Please do not post files that use images or designs made by someone else without their written permission. However, your photos can include items that you did not personally design.

Thanks for particiipating!

Julie, Flanagan Educational Services

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