Re: Importing SVG(SCAL) files to MTC ???

Julie Flanagan

To import SVG files into MTC, Go to the File menu at the top left corner of the screen. Select Import. From there, select SVG/SVGZ. Browse for the file you wish to import, select it, and it should appear on your screen.

SCUT and SCUT2 files do not open in MTC yet.

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I also would love to know. Good luck with mtc it seems like a lot of fun

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Hi, I am Jeane and I am a newbie also. I am married with a 21 year old daughter. I currently work in an art gallery and have plenty of time to work on my crafts and jewerly.
Any and all help will be appreciated, I am still learning the ropes and sometimes my head(Brain) spins from it. LOL

How do you import SVG (SCAL) files to MTC files??
Thanks for all your help.

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