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Brenda Bonkowski

I was wondering if it was a memory problem, when I froze up the mat of cricut files.  I also have  Vista with 4 gig of ram.  Back to the drawing board.

Brenda in WA


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Since PC is loading Cricut Design Studio with all of the images on all of the cartridges, the program is maxing out my computer's memory. I have 4 Gigs of ram on XP, and run into problems with CDS hanging when I try to run other programs at the same time. If your computer has 1 gig of Ram and is running Vista or Win7, I am not surprised that CDS will not work.

I live outside of Gig Harbor, Washington, not far from Tacoma. I have a well-stocked studio in my home, but not a shop. I love having people over to craft. I teach local classes as needed, sometimes at home, and for larger classes, at a local scrapbook store. I have traveled to teach when my expenses are covered.

Julie,  Flanagan Educational Services
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I have to agree, the Webinar was wonderful. I was unable to attend
but did watch it yesterday. I too wish that Andy would have
re-started the recording in order for us to hear more. Central and
west coast time zones certainly have the advantage. I was unable to
run the webinar from my laptop, which is the computer that I have all
my software installed on. I also am the the person that Design
Studio has quit working on. My programer son said that a virus has
probably gotten through, even though I run a full time program for
virus protection. Anyway, I guess today, I will be getting
everything on this computer re-installed. I am certain that he is
correct because Live One did stop several viruses. I guess the
problem is that it can corrupt just one thing, and cause others not
to work correctly.

You mentioned if you come up for a day of cutting fun, where do you
live if you don't mind my asking. It sounds like you have a
scrapbooking shop. I guess I am showing my ignorance. I am a member
of Scrap Savvy, and I know that you design for them. Wonderful
files, by the way.

I have only managed to get through the cupcake wrapper but didn't
post yet, so I do have some catching up to do. Maybe after my
computer is running at full speed again, I will get caught
up. Tuesday, I have my first cataract surgery, so I might even be
able to see better.

Thanks for all you do for us.


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