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Julie Flanagan

Sorry to hear about your computer woes. You can complete the card project without adding the dashed lines. You can always score the card by hand later if you want to.

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Last week, or maybe the week before, I was able to do the cupcake
wrapper lesson in MTC. I was working on the card lesson today, and I
can't get any of fonts to work. So, I now can't get the webinar to
play on the laptop as well as Design Studio to operate. I received
my Design Studio today and tried to install it. It still doesn't work, either.

I am able to cut with MTC, and import the shapes to make the card,
but can't get the alphabets to work in order to make the kiss cut for
the fold. I have cataract surgery tomorrow, and hope that the
software from Sony arrives this week so I can be up and running again
and able to complete the lessons.


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