Re: I Rock Rhinestones Tool ? & Rhinestone Size ?


I have the same problem with the I-Rock tool also.  Wish the heat would stay on when you slide the switch


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I think you can use the I-Rock tool with any rhinestone that has the glue on them that needs to be heated.
My problem with the I-Rock tool is that I find it hard to hold in the upright position while keeping the button pushed down.  Others may not have to problem, my daughter doesn't, so it just might be me and my wrists.
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I was just checking out the I Rock Tool and have a question about it. I have only ever used the rhinestones that already have sticky stuff on them to use on paper. I basically don't know much at all about rhinestones, but think I want to add them to a few shirts once the update comes. What is the average size rhinestone a person would use to add to shirts? Also The I Rock Tool says it warms up and that's how the rhinestones are stuck to the shirt. Does all rhinestones have a glue on them or do I need spacial ones to use with the I Rock Tool?

Thanks for all your help.

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