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Julie Flanagan

The easiest way to get a file that you need for a project is to do a Google Image search for a silhouette. For your purposes,
1. go to, and
2. select the images tab from the top toolbar.
3. In the search window type in Man Bowling Silhouette.
4. Browse through the images that were found, and look for an image that is black and white.
5. Click on the image to see it as large as possible.
6. There is an entire collection of men bowling silhouettes posted here:,1191268444,2/stock-vector-bowling-silhouettes-5776279.jpg
7. Right click on the image, and save image to your desktop.

When there are multiple images as there are in this file, the best way to get the image that you want is to use some screen capture software. There is a tutorial for learning to use the free MWSnap software here:
Follow the instructions to capture just one of the images of a man bowling that you want, and save it as ManBowling. Use the MTC Trace Raster function in the Custom Shapes window to Auto trace  the Man Bowling image that you captured into MTC. Follow the instructions also included in this file.

Send me a copy of your attempt to do this off list, and I will send you mine.

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Does anyone know where I can download a file of a man bowling?
My brotherin law will be 84 next month and he bowls 3 times a week I would like to put it on a card for his birthday
I also want to thank everyone who answered my post on where something was going to print.I won't be wasting so much paper anymore
Joyce Dillow

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