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Jonnie in SC <dbrit89828@...>

Julie, you are doing an excellent job keeping this group going.  But the time has come for me put away the papercrafting and all the associated toys, so I'm going to bow out quietly and wish everyone all the best.

Downsizing has forced me to make hard choices about what crafts and hobbies bring me the most joy, and gift the least favorite to others who can enjoy playing.  I haven't touched the Cricut (and MTC) in several years, so this decision, though regretable, wasn't too hard.

Life changes and we have to accept that we must also change.  Not trying to sound sad, I will still have embroidery, quilting, photography and genealogy to keep me occupied.

Thanks everyone for allowing me to learn from you!

Jonnie in SC

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From: Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...>
Sent: Sun, Oct 10, 2021 4:09 pm
Subject: [Special] [MTC-Tuts] Group Renewal

Time has come again for us to send an annual payment to in order to continue to keep this group open, with its messages and files. Currently we have 5,328 members. If everyone gives just a little, we should be able to pay the fee when it is due on October 24. If you can send even $.50 or $1.00, it will help me pay that bill. You may send your contribution to Paypal at julieflanagan1 to help.

If you no longer wish to participate in this group, you are welcome to unsubscribe. I pay per person to keep the group going, so please unsubscribe if you no longer need cutter support. All are welcome to stay even if you cannot afford to send any money.

Be sure to post your cutter and software questions here, as I love hearing from you!

Thanks for your contributions!!!!!


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