Re: MTC Icon Appears On Desktop

Liz Ackerman

No have not ever experienced this with MTC or any other program myself personally. Do you use the Desktop to store everything? That could be the problem, I have seen this with users that insist on putting absolutely everything on the Desktop  (30+ years computer, end user, desktop ant training support. It got so bad that one IT Manager made so that each time you shut down the computer, it removed all the items except those that were put there by IT). The Desktop is not meant to be a file storage place, but I have seen horrendous problems with hundreds of icons - this will cause Windows to have issues, as when it starts up, it must resolve (validate, check) every single icon. Its going to take lots of time to start up. You have the ability to create folders for files you create, those typically would be under Documents, a folder unique to the user logged on at the time. You can then create a shortcut if you like to that Documents folder on the Desktop for quick access.

To test this, create a file in MTC and save it to C:\Users\name of logged in user\Documents. It should not appear on the Desktop at all. Problem solved.


On 9/19/2021 6:07 AM, D Butts wrote:
Has anyone experienced this?  When I use MTC 4.1 OR 4.6 and save or delete the svg, the MTC  icon appears on my desktop multiple times, and reappears even after deleting. This started about a month ago and unfortunately I am unable to reset to a prior date.

I'm using Windows 10 (Dell computer).
Liz A.

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