New Guy: Call me Bob

Robert M

Greetings Everyone.

My name is Robert and I live in Salt Lake city, Utah.

I will soon begin to produce more camera bellows and my recent thinking is a Cricut might be my salvation. A camera bellows requires many small rectangular parts in various lengths. I also require little triangular corner pieces. The shapes are uncomplicated; the quantity is the killer.

I will assume a Cricut might be an ideal way to produce these parts? If I can accurately cut these many parts, my time is cut in half.

Usually, I would be cutting three-ply Bristol board using sharp cutters, but something self-adhesive might serve me better. Are self adhesive materials available? Will the Cricut cut them accurately? A bellows is a two ply affair. The cut parts are glued to the light proof material and a very thin leather or bookbinder cloth covers the little parts.

The bellows is then folded and clamped to allow the bellows to hold its shape.

I have access to plastic sheet from .00005 on up. I might use this because some of this material is backed with an adhesive. Do any of you have experience cutting thin plastics?

I will defer to the wisdom of this group.



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