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Wendi Olmstead

I was able to find 7720 printer a week or so ago.  I dragged my feet and now everyplace selling them are over $300, some even in the $700 range.  I looked at the current replacements and it looks like all the newer ones don't scan larger than 8.5x11.  :-(
I did see some 7720 for under 200 on some sketchy sites that say that most people never receive their products.  
I will look a bit again tomorrow.  But as of now to get one at a reasonable price, maybe waiting a bit for one to show up on Epson as refurbished might be the answer?
Good luck.
On 07/06/2021 5:54 PM lukenessling@... wrote:
If I were to get the Epson 7720 printer, can I switch between Dye and Sublimation Ink?  I would purchase the extra no’s from InkXPro per your recommendation.
Thank you for your input.


On Jul 6, 2021, at 8:10 PM, Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:

I got my 7720 refurbished at a great price. I needed a large format printer that could print on cardstock. It has trouble printing on Canon photo paper. But it does print nicely on regular cardstock. I haven't tried printing on 80# cardstock. For me it was worth it. You can only print cardstock one sheet at a time using the rear feed. The large scanner is nice. If you don't need large format, then there are less expensive printers. If you want to use a CIS, be sure to check the specs on the system to know if it will work with the printer you are planning to purchase. I purchased a new printer and a CIS system for it, then found out that Epson had blocked that CIS. So I gave my husband the new printer, and took his very old Epson, and put Sublimation ink in it. I am having success with that solution.

There are not likely a lot of choices among Epson and Cannon in the large format size that can use CIS so shop carefully!


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