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Wendi Olmstead

Thanks for explaining.  It all makes more sense now.  I actually see a large format printer in my near future.  I wanted one for a long time and having a descent one will be so fantastic.  One last question I hope last.  If you don't use the printer for a month or so, do things dry up, clog up and not print?  That was why I stopped using my ink jet in the past.   But the Laser printer is just not doing everything I want.
On 06/23/2021 3:24 PM Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:
I have used CIS systems with my Epson printers for at least 16 years. Epson and Cannon are the main types of printers that can use CIS systems. Epson tries to block the use of these systems on all of their new printers. So you usually have to wait about a year until a CIS system is available for a particular printer. When checking out CIS systems, read the descriptions carefully to make sure that your printer model is supported. I like to purchase my CIS systems filled with ink. Costs more, but saves me the trouble and mess. I also purchase a set of inks to refill the system when it runs out. One set lasts me about a year. I use twice as much black as color, so I try to find a large refill bottle of black. 

Here are some sites where I found CIS systems for the Epson WF 7720. I just look for the best price for a complete filled system. It helps to buy from a company that has videos to show how to set it up properly.

Prices vary for similar items.  There are also CIS systems for Sublimation. I first purchased refillable cartridges for an old Epson print with sublimation ink to see if I even need a CIS system for it. So far the refillable cartridges are working for me, as I don't do a lot of Sublimation except for when our grandchildren visit. If I start doing a lot of sublimation, I will get a CIS for that older printer. 


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