Re: Update on Cricut Design Space Policy

Wendi Olmstead

This is a smart move on their part to listen to the customers.  But after Dec. 31st, 2021 I bet they wont have as many sales as they might have if they did not change it.
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On Tuesday, March 16, 2021, 06:45:19 PM EDT, Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:
Cricut has heard our complaints loudly and clearly. Thanks to all who submitted their concerns to Cricut regarding the planned monthly limit on uploads to Cricut Design Space. You can see the new post regarding their revised policy here:
This new policy means that all who register their Cricut Explore and Maker machines before December 31, 2021, will have a lifetime of free uploads to Cricut Design Space with or without a paid subscription to Cricut Design Space.

Since users of Legacy Cricut Machines cannot use Cricut Design Space with their cutters, the Cricut Design Space policies do not apply to use of legacy Cricut machines such as the original Expression, Cricut Personal (Bug), Create, Cake, or Cake Mini.

We continue to support in this group, all cutter users who use Make The Cut software in combination with any other software, regardless of the machine used.

I hate to say this but I think it is in line with the idea of them going public and increasing sales.. hoping to generate sales by the end of the year so people will register their new machines in time. I still think they are biting the hands that feed them.
They signed on as sponsors to so many influencers, provided free machines and products to them, allowed businesses to be built up using the machines and software, promoting Cricut products. and now they want to charge people to use the files created by the people that have promoted their products. Now, December, January.... what difference does a couple months make? The bottom line is that people will be charged to use the files created by the businesses that have freely promoted Cricut, and put the same people in a really bad situation.
It is just so wrong, start to finish
glad for the delay, glad voices worked, but this person here will never own a cricut product. well, except good old faithful billion year old expression. it, like the energizer bunny, just keeps going!
and, I dooo appreciate all your time and help with MTC!

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