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Wendi Olmstead

I don't know how to start a new thread.  Can someone please start a new thread about other machines that they are happy with other than Cricut?  
I have a KNK Maxx but it's not portable and actually takes more effort to use cause you have to manually reset the blade each time you change your product.  I do love using MTC with it.
I was looking at the Scan N Cut before I got my air 2 but choose the Cricut only because it would let me cut anything I want and I could also use my cartridges in a program for welding and such.
Maybe there is a chart out there comparing all the different machines?
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Someone in BB was asking the salespeople if they sold Cricut.  Of course they don’t.  It’s an electronic store, not a crafting store, but I couldn’t help but overhear.

I told them not to waste their money, and why.  Telling them what Cricut was up to.  They said thanks for the info.  They were shocked.

And I wasn’t hurting Best Buy, lol!  They don’t sell Cricut.


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That will NOT teach cricut anything. they will only see this as GAINING more customers. telling them they can do this again if they want.
only way to teach them a lesson is to hit them in the wallet. stop paying them money, stop buying their products. support other companies who don't force you to spend, spend, spend and give nothing in return.

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Good thought!


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Can a person sign up for more than one Cricut account?


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