Re: Paper and Webinar

Brenda Bonkowski

I ended up staying with the webinar for 2 1/2 hours. A lot of the last things he covered were additions to the program almost ready to add, and longterm things he want to do. You can almost hear the wheels turning in his head while he is talking. He wants to be able to use lots of file types with MTC. I'm not sure what kind of graphics would be in cad? I think he is adding the scut/scut2 loader to the next version. He's still playing with node editting...he like's things pretty much perfect before releasing to the public. He opened up the next version, but I had trouble reading the small print to see what all he had on there.

As for doing the webinar. This is the second gotowebinar in 2 weeks that I've seen. The first was offered by Corel (PSP x3). It helps if you can have someone manning the chats, so they can pass on pertinent questions to the demonstrator. Andy was learning as he went. Originally he had planned on having mikes open so everyone could talk. With 160 people, that would have been a zoo, so he muted the mikes, and turned them on after most people had signed off. He also didn't know how to set the chat up so we could see each other's questions. This is a great way to learn things. I didn't know how to use the area delete function. I didn't think there was anything I could do within the program to clean up some of the files, but obviously there is more to do than I had thought.

Did you read the comments of all the women about Andy after the meeting let out. It was a riot. I bet Andy was red when he read some of them.

I would definitely like to come up and pick your brain. I could pick up some of the Worldwin papers then. I know you use the Funtime you use others? I have so much software that I have no clue how to use. I just got Photoshop Elements with my new Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch tablet. I also just ordered the Corel Draw something or other Suite..haven't taken out of box yet, just got it. There are various other programs I've gotten, and not used. I want to know which software would be best to work with the tablet and cleaning up files for MTC.

I'll email you later to see when would be good for you. I see you said you were available Monday, Tuesday and Friday for webinars, so would those be the best times for you.

I need to go see what is new on the forum.

Talk to you later,


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