Re: MTC program

Julie Flanagan

You can download the trial version of MTC here:

On 02/09/2021 12:55 PM tracylitsinger@... <tracylitsinger@...> wrote:
i can not access my old computer, it needs a video card or something
On Tuesday, February 9, 2021, 03:53:13 PM EST, Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:
You can copy the entire MTC directory from the old computer to the new one. You registration code should work.
On 02/09/2021 12:39 PM tracylitsinger@... <tracylitsinger@...> wrote:
I am not sure how to post with this new io group stuff, hope this is correct,
i found my registration key, i got my old cricut expression back, but do not have MTC on this computer it is on my old one, how do i get the program back and will my registration code still work??

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