Re: How to still use MTC gallery within program

Liz Ackerman

Very clever, my friend! Thanks for sharing your discovery, Jan!!!

On 1/25/2021 1:53 PM, Jan Fox wrote:
Hi everyone, have found a way to still use the gallery from within MTC, just in a different way. First find the image you want. If not available to download, then click on image to enlarge and then simply clip or screenshot it. Copy and paste into pixel trace in normal way....done! I thought the program might also pick up the grid background, but that has not been the case in the ones I have tested. Quick, easy and don't have to leave the program to go searching for the image you want. As I am sure everyone knows, Sandy has very kindly saved most of the images for us all to access, which is much appreciated, but I find this method makes the process much more like how the program was designed to work in the first place. :-)

Liz A.


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