Re: Replacement blade holder for knk zing air

Liz Ackerman

The KNK Force is a very different kind of cutter as yours, do not use that blade holder as it may damage your cutter. At least that is my understanding of having a Force and knowing how the blade holder works.

If you want original blades get them from plottergeeks, who have taken over supporting the KNK cutters...the owners retired, and Chad their son is plottergeeks.

On 1/2/2021 1:29 PM, karenmars63 via wrote:
My original blue blade holder for knk zing air Max has started acting up.  The blade is not  always flexible so it’s very difficult to get a good cut.  I found a yellow blade holder at create N craft, it says it’s a Force.  Will it work with a zing air Max?
Liz A.

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