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Julie Flanagan

You can save a number of Silhouette Studio designs in a single file. You can then go to here:
You should be able to use this to convert up to 10 Studio files. If each file has a number of designs, you can convert quite a few. 
If you have Silhouette Studio 1.9 or 2.0 Designer Edition, you can save current files as Studio 2 legacy. Open in SSDE 1.9 or 2.0 and save as SVG. Just substitute .SVG in place of .studio in the file name. Then the file will import into other software as SVG. 
Business Edition of Silhouette Studio does NOT allow you export purchased designs as SVG. This feature is only for designs that you create using that software.  
When I have purchased SVG versions from the Silhouette Online Store, they never import properly into other software. I am not sure if this just an issue unique to me. You can grab one of their free files and purchase the SVG version to see how it imports for you. Their SVG files don't even open at the correct size in the Silhouette Studio software, for me.
$300 for a Cricut Maker is an excellent price. I use my maker when I want to cut unstiffened fabric, crepe paper, construction paper, tissue paper, etc. with the rotary tool. I also use it with the print then cut feature with the Anna Griffin floral cartridges that I have purchased. I also have a couple hundred Cricut cartridges on my account that I can use in Cricut Design Space, but that is a rare occasion for me. I create my designs mostly in Make The Cut (MTC) or InVue, export as SVG, then import into Cricut Design Space. 

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Julie, I think you’ve answered this before, but I lost your answer if you did.   I’ve purchased many Silhouette Studio files.   I have the Designer version, but not the business edition which allows for exporting as SVG.

Didn’t you give us a few options for file converters that would do single and batch conversions from Studio to SVG?  OR was I dreaming, lol?  Thanks!

I have the Pazzles Vue.   One other question, I saw Cricut Maker on sale for $300 at Joanns.  Is that a good price?  Is it worth it since I have the Pazzles.  Does it do anything the Pazzles doesn’t that would make it viable?  Thanks.


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I cut a few today. I made the heart tree at 7" high, the Bee at 6" and an ornament at 5". All cut very well. I cut them using 65# cardstock on my Pazzles Vue, pressure at 26, blade extended to 3, and speed at 2.  Even the ornament that was labeled as a laser cut, cut fine.


I had fun playing with these, adding layers in my software. These will look great in shadow boxes or as toppers on cards, or decorations in scrapbooks.



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Thanks as always. Maybe I should pass. Please show us what you cut.



On Tue, Dec 29, 2020 at 1:41 PM, Julie Flanagan

I wouldn't make them any smaller than card size, as they are very intricate. If you have a laser cutting machine, you could cut any of the designs in any size you like. 


Since I don't have a laser cutter, I will test cut the designs that I like with very slow speed, moderately sticky mat, and the least blade extension necessary to cut through the media I am using. Test cuts will be essential to get the best pressure, blade depth and media for the project.



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These are so beautiful.  Thanks Julie for keeping us updated.

These are so intricate could most of them be cut card size or do you think they are meant to be cut larger?




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It is a bit pricey, I think I would only purchase individually ones that I REALLY loved, LOL!!

Thanks, Julie!

On 12/29/2020 11:34 AM, Julie Flanagan wrote:

This bundle is a bit pricey, but I love delicate papercut designs. If you do too, be sure to check out this bundle from Design Bundles
I found enough of the individual designs that I want to purchase because I love them, to make getting the entire bundle well worth it.

I hope you had a great Christmas, and that your new year will be much better than 2020 has been. Let's make the most of it!  I think In need to ignore the daily news, and craft a lot more in 2021. How about you?


Liz A.






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