Alert: High Traffic Group

Julie Flanagan

Sometimes we have lots of conversations in this group, since we answer group member questions. If you do not like receiving lots of emails from this group, you can make necessary changes in your subscription. To do that, go to the group online at .  On the home page click on Subscription on the upper left side of the screen. The default option when you joined this group was Individual emails.  You can change your subscription any time. The Digest options save the group messages, and send a group of 12 in one email. Another option is to receive just a single email a day as a Daily summary. 

If you don't care to read all of the group messages, but you would like to receive special announcements that I send out, select the Special Notices option. I might send out one special  message in a week or two. This can keep you up to date on what is happening in our cutter community, without having to wade through a lot of email.

Another option is to select No Email. You will no longer receive group email with this option, but you can still sign in to the group online to access files, tutorials, messages, etc. You will never receive special announcements or any other group messages via email with this option.

If you don't need anything from this group, you can unsubscribe. To do this, find an email message from this group in your email In box, scroll to the bottom of the message, and click on the Unsubscribe link. Allow a few days for the change in your subscription. This will remove you from the group. 

Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!


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