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Elisabeth Bier

Popup card studio. Sorry, should not have abbreviated. So if you can search your emails, unless you threw them out, you might have one from Orders@iportis. That's how I found my registration key.

Hope it helps,


On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 7:25 PM Tam <upnseams@...> wrote:
I know I am show how dumb I am but that's ok. You never learn if you don't ask.  What is PCS?

On Sun, Dec 20, 2020 at 6:20 PM Elisabeth Bier <elisabeth.bier@...> wrote:
I searched in my inbox for orders@iportis 
And that’s how I found the registration key for pop up card studio. I also just installed on a laptop to take to the cottage. 
It’s worth a try if you still have the same email address. I have gmail and I never delete private mail like this. 

Others have said that it might be a different email address. I bought both programs directly from MTC. (Andy)

Elisabeth Bier

On Dec 20, 2020, at 5:08 PM, Goldie Holzer <mariah10@...> wrote:

I have PCS, but a new computer.  And I cannot find my registration for PCS.  Makes me cry.  I guess I just can’t use it anymore.  So sad.


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The pages on the MTC website ( are all hopelessly outdated. So that bit about the $59.95 or whatever it was, has never been changed or updated since it was put there like 9 years ago. So I guess we can assume it has expired as it appears there is no way to get that pricing.

I also understand that you will be issued an MTC registration code if you purchase now. Do not purchase PCS because that is broken and an MTC code is issued not a PCS one.

The function to deliver your registration key if you lost it is broken, although it may appear that it is working. Testing done by a group of us proves you NEVER get an email.

I agree that it is not right to sell something and then leave the customer high and dry. I think its fraudulent, to be honest. I do not respect the developer for letting this happen, it's not like he has not received MANY, MANY personal emails about it, he chooses not to either read and/or respond. At that point, the only recourse is to start a legal action...costly!

I think most of us have just given up on those points. But we still support as best we can given the limitations.



On 12/20/2020 9:22 AM, dusty dusty wrote:

I am sorry I did not meant to say there is no support for us who have previously own  MTC. i know how hard everyone has worked.  The hours that people have put in and still do. 

I usually am quiet because I do not want to be kick out of groups for expressing my feelings and I probably would not even do so now  but I got burned really bad from a vendor just recently for this very things. 

My question is if I go to Make the cut push the download now button it takes me to MyCommerce Online store and for a $79.95 I can buy Make the Cut.  If I do this will I get a registration Key for my new purchase?

You can  push on the special $57.95 it does nothing which to me means the sale is over. 

Maybe I am blind but I see nothing on the website that says if you lose your key you can not get it back. I tried the lost registiration and it ask my email and said Your key should be sent you you within the next 60 minutes.MAKE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!    

I am not trying to be unkind  I know he has a family to support but should he not change  his website to reflect the changes  reguarding the purchase of Make the Cut as of now. 

Since I have my key it is not a problem but if you buy it again will you get a key,

Should not the site represent the changes, no key if you lost it etc.   I would hate to be a new customer and find out after I purchased it that nothing on the website tells me that If I lose my key I have to at least buy the program again. 

Liz A.



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