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Tried recovering the registration but couldn’t.  I’m so disappointed I can’t use MTC anymore.  Wish there was some way Andy would let us get it.  

On Dec 19, 2020, at 4:04 PM, Liz Ackerman <ackerliz@...> wrote:

Providing support for the product is not included in the EULA. We just warn people of that as a courtesy. You're not obligated to purchase it if you feel it should be supported by the developer.

There is an extensive User Manual freely available.

There are multiple Facebook groups that are still active.

There is this email list.

And there is the forum which has existed since 2010.

That is more support than any other product I use.


On 12/19/2020 7:32 AM, dusty dusty wrote:
How can the company still sale MTC when there is no longer any support?
Liz A.


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