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mama brood

WOW Sandy what a lot of working saving all these files for us…..thank you so much!

I finally start understanding and using MTC a little bit…took me such a long time haha.

But still have so  many questions:


  • Can I some way get those files into the MTC gallery or do I just save those (collection 1 and collection 2) in some maps I create on my own computer (since the gallery was online and not anymore?)
  • If so: can I add more maps tot he gallery or import other files into the gallery?
  • Am I understanding it right that if the gallery is closed/unusable you just have to search through all the files of all the so painfully rescued files and open them to see what they are or is there a quicker way to go through them?

A you see I still never got to using the software well I am sorry: just getting started now and am still ignorant but willing to try and learn…..


Greetings and so many thanks for all the great work everyone is doing, especially Sandy….





Van: <> Namens Liz Ackerman
Verzonden: zaterdag 12 december 2020 00:28
Onderwerp: Re: [MTC-Tuts] Files for this group


There are a number of gallery items that still have a thumbnail view but the underlying MTC or SVG file that it links to does not exist - you get a blank layer in MTC instead. Very early files were lost in a website upgrade a long time ago, and then we lost some more in the middle at another time.

Files saved from the Gallery are available from a google drive. Last items on this page:

Thanks to Sandy McCauley and some others who spent time downloading files from the Gallery as insurance.


On 12/11/2020 7:46 AM, Jstfrmnita via wrote:

I have been able to open the gallery in MTC, but when I try to download an image, I get a blank. How do you get it into your project? Thanks

Liz A.



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