Re: My zing is dying

Julie Flanagan

I like to have perfect cuts. I test each machine I get for accuracy. Most machines do not cut accurately. I prefer Pazzles, because I can adjust the step size so that a 10" square on the screen cuts a perfect 10" on the mat. It is a multi-purpose cutter that is easy to use and ships with excellent software that allows import and export of SVG files and advanced editing features. It cuts with up to 1000 grams of pressure, so that it can cut a wide variety of media. I use this machine the most. Also, I can export my MTC designs as SVG, and those import into the Pazzles software at the correct size, and will imbed JPG images for print and cut. No Internet connection is required, unless I want to access the built in Image Gallery.

I like Scan N Cut because it cuts around printed media or stamps, etc. I really appreciate the wide format scanner. A SNC is worth it to me, if only for its scanning. I can scan and save images of my 12"x12" scrapbook pages. I can use this machine without a computer and without internet if needed. This is the first choice among our grandchildren.

The only machine that I have that will cut unstiffened fabric as well as very thin papers such as crepe, construction, tissue, etc. is the Cricut Maker with rotary tool. I HATE using their software, though. So I create my designs in other software, export as SVG and import into Cricut Design Space. For most other projects, I use my other cutters. Relies on a fast Internet speed on my end as well as on their server. Peak usage times make this a real pain at times. Software crashes are too common.

Silhouette Studio software does not work on my computer, and the Cameo features still use a very low cutting pressure of 210 grams with its main tool. Additional tools are required, and don't always work for cutting specialty media with its 2nd cutting head. Software fixes are needed before I will invest in another Cameo. You need to purchase a major upgrade to their Business edition if you want to export your own designs in SVG format. And opening SVG files requires a software upgrade to Designer Edition.


On 12/11/2020 11:18 AM Elisabeth Bier <> wrote:

I have two actually. I know that you Julie have a ton of different ones. I could perhaps send it in to be fixed, but that is very costly and I hate to throw good money after bad.

Which one do you recommend and why? Pazzles?


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