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Julie Flanagan

The current CEO of Cricut issued an apology for his predecessor's actions against companies who produced 3rd party software that works with the older Cricut machines. His focus is on producing newer machines which cannot be used with 3rd party software.
Since Cricut no longer provides any software support for their legacy machines, owners of those machines that want to use software must resort to the available alternates. Cricut is no longer pursuing legal action against those software companies. 
Please note that the lawsuit never went to court, because the deep pockets of Bank of America were behind the lawsuit, and the small developers were not able to finance a defense. Had the lawsuit actually gone to court, Cricut would have lost the suit based on previous court decisions that allow "jailbreaking". For example, a car manufacturer cannot force car owners to purchase their brand of tires. As it was, the small developers were forced to remove the plugins in their programs that allowed them to work with the Cricut machines, merely by the legal threat. 
That said, a new free plugin, not affiliated with any cutter software company, has been produced. It is called Libcutter, and it can be used with Sure Cuts A Lot 5. The combination of Libcutter and SCAL5 enables most people to cut from SCAL5 directly to their Legacy Cricut machines. 
The trial version of MTC 4.1.0 that works with Legacy Cricut machines (registration key required for activation), the PCCplugin.dll, and a trial version of the old Cricut Design Studio (used to update legacy Cricut firmware, if needed) are all included in the bulk download of archived files of this group. This archive is available for a donation of any amount in support of the expenses of this group, via PayPal to julieflanagan1@...
If you have lost your MTC registration key, and have been unable to retrieve it, then the MTC option to cut to legacy Cricut machines is not available to you. Another option is to purchase and install Sure Cuts A Lot 5 (available here: and download and install Libcutter (free download for windows: or free download for Mac: )
Or simply continue to use what Cricut cartridges that you have available with your legacy Cricut machine.  Please note that Expression 2 and Imagine, cannot be used with any software.
Many have elected to simply purchase other machines. If this is your choice, make sure that your purchase does not lock you into using a specific software with your new cutter. 

On 12/11/2020 8:33 AM salley schwartz via <salleys@...> wrote:
   How can SCAL 5 cut with Crichton. I thought that was exactly what MTC and SCAL got sued for?


On Fri, Dec 11, 2020 at 9:31 AM, salley schwartz
<salleys@...> wrote:
Thank you Liz for that information. Unfortunately I will not be able to pursue that avenue.


On Thu, Dec 10, 2020 at 7:24 PM, Graham Toal
<gtoal@...> wrote:
On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 12:22 PM salley schwartz via <salleys=> wrote:
It seems that since I can't recover my MTC registration number I will need to buy a new machine to use my years of saved files. How do I find Julie's reviews of cutting machines and other files on this group.
I'm sure you must have already exhausted all the ways of recovering your MTC registration, so I won't ask about that; instead may I ask why you need a new machine?  If you have a lot of files that are in .mtc format only, then you need another copy of MTC (or at least a licence key - I'm sure someone who no longer uses their MTC could resell their key to transfer ownership, no?) to read those old files, and a new machine won't help; however if your files are in some other format than mtc (eg svg) then why do you need a new machine?  There are alternative ways of driving many machines that don't involve using MTC (or SCAL).  For example

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