Re: can't import at non-integer DPI... workaround?

Julie Flanagan

Inkscape uses a 96 DPI, and MTC uses 90 DPI which was the standard while MTC development was active. After importing, select all (Ctrl+A). With the aspect ration locked (gold icon showing on the width and height), enter the % increase that you need for the imported design to be the same as the original and press Enter. The design will resize. 
We cannot change the import DPI, but we can change the design size by any percentage we choose.

On 11/26/2020 4:37 PM Graham Toal <gtoal@...> wrote:
I have a file exported from Inkscape.  Its units are in mm, so when I try to set the dpi in MTC for an SVG import, I should be entering 25.4 units per inch - but the software only accepts whole numbers so I end up importing at 25 units per inch.

Assuming I can't change the import DPI to accept a decimal, is there a way to decrease the size of the imported SVG by exactly 1.5748% to correct it in MTC?  Other than dragging by hand and eye..?


PS You guys probably know this already, but I've had this argument before in a different context, so just in case anyone says it was increased by 1.6% so should be decreased by 1.6%, that's not the math:

25.4     -> 100
25.0     -> 100*25.4/25.0 = 101.6%

so to correct, increase by   (101.6-100)/101.6 * 100  percent = -1.5748%

(It's the same as if you earn $100/day and get a 50% pay rise bringing you to $150/day.  To get reduced back to $100/day you would take a 33.333% pay cut, even though it was +$50 and then -$50 in absolute units.)

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