Cricut Foil Transfer Kit

Julie Flanagan

I don't remember who asked if this kit will work on machines other than the Cricut Explore and Maker. I received my kit, and tried it out a bit today.

Yes, I got it to work with my Pazzles Vue, and my Cricut Expression with a special hack. The tool is too small, so I slit a rubber pencil grip lengthwise, and cut off about 1/2 inch of the length. I slid this piece of rubber around the tool. I placed this in the blade holder cradle using the Pazzles pen tool spacer to get the height just right. Pressing down hard on the tool against the spacer, I tightened the belt around the tool as tight as it would go.

On the Cricut Expression, I set it to maximum pressure, minimum speed, with multi-cut on. This worked perfectly with the two tips that I tried. (the third tip took a leap out of the package when I opened it, and it is nowhere to be found.)
On the Pazzles Vue, I used the same rubber pencil grip, sliced down the long way, and trimmed 1/2" off the end. It loaded the same way as in the Cricut Expression. I used a pressure of 35, and set the tool to engrave. Speed 2 worked well.
I have not tried it on my Maker or Explore yet, but I assume it will work with the recommended Cricut Settings.

I haven't tried it on my other cutters, but am sure that it will work well with the BossKut Gazelle and the KNK Zing, since their clamps hold any size tools.

I have not tried it in my Cameo, but assume that it will not work in Cameo, as it would require more pressure than the standard tool holder provides. If you have tried it in a Cameo, please share your results.

If you have tried it with other machines, please share your results with us.

You can check out this new tool here:  Cricut Foil Transfer Kit


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