Re: Question about Scal

Julie Flanagan

SCAL2 still works with the Legacy Cricut Machines. But the latest version, SCAL5, has a lot more features, including importing MTC files. You need to pay for the upgrade to SCAL5. You can keep SCAL2 on your computer, and still install SCAL5. I do that by installing SCAL5 in its own directory during the installation process. SCAL5 can also cut to the Legacy Cricut Machines if you install the free libcutter program. 

I agree. MTC is the best!


On 10/12/2020 1:15 AM yvonnejansambeek <y.sambeek@...> wrote:

Hi Juli and other MTC friends,




A long time a go, I bought SCAL (V 2) and then came MTC.

So I thougt lets install Scal.


Can I download other versions. If so how?



Kind regards from The Netherlands.







MTC is the best.

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