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Are you saying if I bought MTC like 10 years ago+ and had a specific cricut that the D L L file to make that cricut run before the "issue" came up will be included? I saved my DLL file on 2 computers and emailed it to my self, 1 computer i can not get any monitor to come on, and the laptop the charging hole has been stretched so it wont charge to come on.. and for some reason the email I saved has nothing attached..

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Thanks again. I sent a contribution using my PayPal account. I still have my PCS registration too so I will soon be all set again.


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Those who contribute to the group will receive download links for the trial versions of MTC, PCS, All plugins for MTC, and Cricut Design Studio. You will need your registration keys for MTC versions and PCS. You can use Cricut Design Studio without registering to update your Legacy Cricut machines if you need to do that. Links for downloading many of the files in the MTC Gallery and PCS Gallery are included.  

Unfortunately, if you never purchased PCS, you can use the trial version, but will be unable to render to SVG. PCS is no longer for sale. Such as shame, because it is such a great program!

You should be able to use MTC again once you install it.

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Last year when the request for donations went out I was not reading any MTC emails. In fact the first time I paid any attention was when I saw that MTC was no longer downloadable.. At the same time my old Vista PC died and I couldn’t find a copy of MTC even though I still had the registration key. Since I only need a PC to run MTC and PCS, I decided not to buy a PC until I could find a copy of the program and the plugins for my Zing AIR. 

If I understand correctly, I will be soon be able to download the MTC software I need. Then I can get a PC and be able to use MTC and my Zing air once again. I am more than willing to donate and will even double my original donation. I just want to be sure before I buy a new PC. I’m also wondering if PCS is available. 

Thank you for all that you do for the rest of us. 


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When we transferred the MTC_Tuts Yahoo group to one year ago, 71 of our 7,895 members contributed to the cost of making the transition. In return, I provided those generous donors with a link to download an archive of all of the material that is now in this group.  For a group of this size, is charging $220 per year to keep our group going. Because I am retired and have a limited income, I am unable to pay the fee for the upcoming year. So I am making the same offer that I made last year. We have had many new people join our group this year, and my hope is that some of the new people will be able to make a contribution of any amount to help support this group. I will send a download link to the archived files to each person who donates.  

Here is the information that I shared last year, plus some updated information. 

It took some time to archive the files in MTC_Tuts group that Yahoo took away. I transferred the resources posted there to a sub folder in the 
You can download files from one at a time for FREE. Some have asked for a way to download all of the files with a single download, so I have archived the group files, and posted them in my DropBox. I am offering this Archive to anyone who makes a donation of any amount via Paypal to this account: julieflanagan1@...   


 I am not charging for the content, as that has always been free. Your donation will help a bit with the annual fee that is charging us to maintain our files.

I have included some content in this archive that is not available any other place.    


The archived lessons are included in a single PDF file that includes 1659 pages of step-by-step, illustrated, printable tutorials,


MTC-PCS Webinar Indexes with links,


Old Cricut Handbooks with Vector images, and instructions for use with Make The Cut,


24 Shared MTC cutting files,


and Trial versions of Old software that works with the following Cricut Machines: Original Cricut Personal, Original Cricut Expression, Create, Cake, and Cake Mini. These machines will work best with MTC if updated to the latest firmware versions, EXCEPT for Create and Cake MINI. The most recent firmware updates render Create and Cake MINI machines unusable with Make The Cut. There is a tutorial included in the archive that explains this information in more detail. 


Note about trial versions: These trial versions were free downloads in the past. You may use the trial versions, but they will not have full functionality if you never purchased the software. If you ever purchased any version of Make The Cut, your software key will work with all old through new versions of the Make The Cut software. Full instructions for installation of multiple versions are included in the tutorials. 

Important Note: Make The Cut software is no longer available for sale. However, if you ever purchased any version of Make The Cut, you will be able to use your registration key with any of the trial versions to activate them. I will include the trial versions in the Archive, including  the trial of the last available version of MTC v. 4.6.2. The plugins for the various cutters that it supported will also be included in the archive. 


Full versions of Make The Cut include SVG export for use in other software. The SVG export option is disabled in the trial versions of Make The Cut. 

The MTC Gallery no longer works, as the server that hosted those user contributed files is no longer available. However, I will provide links where you can download thousands of  files that had been part of the Gallery.

To make your donation, go to Paypal, and send a payment of any amount to julieflanagan1@...  Please include your name, email address, and the name of the archive that you are requesting in the notes section, so that I can send the archive link to you via email. 

Special thanks to all who are able to donate!


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