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Julie Flanagan

If you are using a good blade, make sure that you do test cuts first to determine the best settings for the media and environment. See this post for information on how to do test cuts:

If your blade depth and pressure settings are correct, your rectangle should cut properly. If not, you can try reversing the direction of the cut. Or you can do a double pass. If the 2nd pass does not cut directly over the position of the first pass, then it is likely that either your pressure is too high, or the blade too deep. 


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I’ve never used a third party blade in my Pazzles.  For me, it’s not worth the risk taking a chance of running into other problems!   All my blades come from Pazzles.

I tried making two passes.  There is no chad now but it did cut off a very, very thin sliver off the top of the rectangle.  It makes a little difference when your next layer is only 1/16” smaller but I guess I can work around that by making the next layer a hair smaller.  Also, when you do two passes, do you shorten the blade any or reduce the pressure from the recommend amount? 



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Check that you are using an authentic blade in your machine. If you are using a third party blade, you will have this issue. Pazzles blades are 60 degree, all-purpose blades. If you use a 45 degree blade instead, you will end up with a chad at the beginning of the cut. You change the offset of the blade if you change the angle of the blade.



On 09/18/2020 8:32 AM Lynn Cook via <bbddcrickie@...> wrote:

Hopefully I'm posting my question to the right place as this is the first time I've posted since the group changed.

I am trying to cut a bunch of rectangles to use as card layers.  I pulled up a rectangle from the shapes file in MTC and made it the size I want it to be.  The cutter starts from the top left corner of the rectangle and goes right.  At the end of the cut, it appears that the blade stops a hair before it reaches the beginning point and makes a tiny cut just a hair to the right.  This leaves a little piece hanging.  I hope this makes sense.  It wouldn't be so bad if it just stopped a hair before the end--I could just use my xacto knife to cut it but it seems to make that little jump to the right.  Any suggestions would be helpful.

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