Re: Designing a Simple Pop-Up Card

Julie Flanagan

This is a very simple popup card. You can recreate the concept by folding a card in half, then cutting with scissors to make several tabs.  Make sure that both sides of each tab are exactly the same height. The center tab is slightly longer on this card than the outer tabs.  Once you can cut with scissors, open the card. You will see that each tab is folded exactly on the center line of the card, and the top half of each tab is exactly the same length as the bottom half of the tab. Now you can reproduce the design in your software. It helps to look at a complete card as you are creating the design. 


On 09/20/2020 7:42 AM Liz Ackerman <ackerliz@...> wrote:’ve come on board just a little too late! You’ve missed out on PopUpCard Studio, which would make designing the below a much simpler process than doing it in MTC. You could try another product called PopUp Card Designer Pro:

You might also want to watch a few of the basic videos by Susan Bluerobot. She was the inspiration for PopUpCard Studio, and assisted the developer by being his beta tester. I don’t know of anyone else who is as accomplished as Susan.

You’re top fold has a is explained in the basic videos.

Hope that helps!


From: joanmeg
Sent: Friday, September 18, 2020 2:45 PM
Subject: [MTC-Tuts] Designing a Simple Pop-Up Card

Basically, I'm pretty familiar with MTC and overall quite computer literate, but this is driving me crazy. I tried to design a single pop-up insert for a 5x7 vertical card and one of the folds (the top one) is not aligning properly to close the card flat (the other 2 folds are fine). I know the basics of drawing the 2 cut lines for the right & left of the pop-up (how far apart they are will determine the width of the pop-up), and the 3 dashed lines in the middle for the mountain & valley folds. I guess my question is are there set parameters that must be used for the length & positioning of these lines?  Does one line have to be the same distance from some other line, and do any of the lines need to be a certain size/distance from each other & the middle of the card, etc.?

Right now I'm working on a simple 1 pc. pop-up. But I'd like to be able to do more than one "pop-up" in a card & know how to vary the length, width, distance, etc. so I can add different sized diecuts.  The card below is from pazzles craft room & has multiple "pop-ups." I'd like to be able to make this card as well (I'm not a member)...once I know the "rules" I think I can figure it out.  --Joanmeg 


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