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Julie Flanagan

Yes, there is a way to change the settings. But I recommend that you not change the settings. Instead select two passes for cutting. This way the blade will not lift before doing the 2nd pass. There will be no small chads. 

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I used Make the Cut and the Pazzles Invue software and got the same results.  I prefer MTC.  Anyway, so I have a Pazzles Invue and I use the Pazzles brand standard blade. I use Neenah 80 lb paper, select the Cardstock (Thick) and the suggested blade length of 3-1/2, pressure 23. I’ve never used blade offset….don’t even know where to look for that. Do you know if Pazzles has an overcut option?



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I gather you may be using Make The Cut!?


If so what is your cutter? Most cutters have an adjustment on the Overcut....this allows the blade to advance past the spot where it started to ensure that the cut is complete. I think sometimes the wrong blade offset could also be the problem – so what cutter, what is blade offset, what blade are you using, what pressure?


If your cutter doesn’t have an Overcut option, you can overcome this quirk by choosing a multicut, a multicut of 2 would ensure that the shapes are fully cut out.


Hope that helps!




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Subject: [MTC-Tuts] Cutting a rectangle


Hopefully I'm posting my question to the right place as this is the first time I've posted since the group changed.

I am trying to cut a bunch of rectangles to use as card layers.  I pulled up a rectangle from the shapes file in MTC and made it the size I want it to be.  The cutter starts from the top left corner of the rectangle and goes right.  At the end of the cut, it appears that the blade stops a hair before it reaches the beginning point and makes a tiny cut just a hair to the right.  This leaves a little piece hanging.  I hope this makes sense.  It wouldn't be so bad if it just stopped a hair before the end--I could just use my xacto knife to cut it but it seems to make that little jump to the right.  Any suggestions would be helpful.


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