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Liz Ackerman

Diane...thank you. I miss the MTC community as well...its like graduating high school, and everyone goes off in their own direction. Sure you stay in touch with a few, but you can never get back that feeling of community.
We do have a very supportive SCAL FB group, and of course, Sandy has written the manuals for that!! There are even ones specifically for KNK cutters like your Zing.
Thanks for being there for the ride!!

From: Diane Bove
Sent: Wednesday, September 9, 2020 6:07 PM
Subject: Re: [MTC-Tuts] Re MTC going
And you too Liz, not only helping with MTC but random computer help also, many thanks to all of you. Everyone in the MTC forum has always been so helpful and supportive.  I never would have learned how to use my Zing without the help of all of you.  I bought SCAL 5 last December and still have not used it yet. The thought of learning a new program is daunting. Instead of updates, I would have happily paid for another version of MTC. I joined FB to try to keep up with all that left, but it’s not the same. I know I came in late, but I really miss the MTC community. Thank you to everyone for all the years of work and dedication.

On Aug 12, 2020, at 2:06 PM, S Cox via <englishrose897@...> wrote:

Well said. I learnt a lot from all these people who gave up so much of their time. A huge thank you to all of you.

On 12 Aug 2020, at 15:45, Liz Ackerman <ackerliz@...> wrote:

We have actually had a lot of volunteers over the years, many that haven’t been recognized, that helped with the development and support of Make The Cut! ( S ) Bryan ( W ) hosted the weekly webinars for 5 years, and Julie was an active participant in those as well. Susan BlueRobot worked behind the scenes along with the developer Andy to get PopupCard Studio (PCS) up and running, Susan had previously developed several popup books by hand, doing all the work manually, and it was this dedication to the art that inspired Andy to create PCS. She put in a huge amount of work, time and effort to the cause, and has the only resources for the product that I am aware of. It’s an extensive library of videos. She is truly dedicated to her art!
Sandy McCauley developed the Make The Cut! User Manual, while under contract by KNKUSA. Granted this was paid work, but Sandy has since put in a huge amount of volunteer time working several Facebook groups to help MTC users with all aspects of the software and their hardware. Two other volunteers Paul and Gabe have also actively supported the FB pages, along with continued help on the MTC forum.  Thousands of others contributed their work to the Gallery, BerryOne being the most proficient, followed by Diana. The only other software product that I have seen with so many loyal and supportive users was Paint Shop Pro before Jasc sold it to Corel. That was the single largest internet community at the time, and where I was inspired in the mid-late 90’s to get into computer paper crafting, and then be an early adapter to desktop cutters.
It takes a village. I think we should appreciate that as well!
From: Pam via
Sent: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 9:13 PM
Subject: Re: [MTC-Tuts] Re MTC going
Kudos to you Christine, for reminding us of all Julie does for us!  I would not have the knowledge I do of how to use MTC without Julie.  Thank you Julie, you ARE apreciated!



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