Julie Flanagan

It should work fine on your new PC. MTC works fine on both my Windows 10 desktop and laptop. Keeping your registration keys safe if very important!


On 08/11/2020 7:40 PM Megg Wy-lie via <imegg@...> wrote:

This worries me.  My 12 yr old desk top pc crashed and died about a month ago.  I ordered a new one but it is on back order and hard telling now when it will arrive.  Everything I had was backed up & the registration keys for both programs saved but....I'm worried they won't work on the new pc whenever it gets here.  I use MTC for more then just making svg files.  I do have it on my laptop and it is currently working....but when the day comes I can no longer use it.....I will with great sadness go back to sure cuts a lot. 
I will also miss the files that was accessible from other MTC users. 

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