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Use the information in the registration key recovery document to find keys for both MTC and PCS where you have MTC and PCS installed. Also check your backup files.

When i ran the recover routine, it found both keys on my backup drive.


On 08/09/2020 9:15 AM Goldie Holzer <mariah10@...> wrote:

I just installed MTC and PCS on my new computer.   I have the registration for MTC but can’t find PCS. 

The MTC opened fine and opened some files…..but I don’t have time to try it out right now.  But it did REGISTER just fine.


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I just checked my old computer, same issue - and I know for sure I had registered the old computer's version of MTC as I used it so extensively on the older computer. I wanted to check as I couldn't trust my memory regarding what I did on the new computer.

Even if you have the registration keys, you will not be able to register the software on a new computer. I am not sure what will happen if you have a previously registered version on your computer, and if you try to cut using the software - will it default to an "unregistered" state so that it cuts with a big slash? I never had a chance on the new computer to install the plug-ins, as I was so busy with trying to finish a quilt.

Luckily, SCAL was developed to the point of being able to open .mtc files. Of the two programs, however, .mtc had better vectorization of .jpg images. But over the course of time, I depended more on SCAL to do actual cutting.


On 8/8/2020 8:21 PM, Julie Flanagan wrote:

Yes, get your program and registration keys backed up to a thumb drive ASAP!!


Andy had a growing family to support, so he took a full time programming job. We were so sad to lose him! I am grateful that all of the hundreds of hours of Webinar Q& A are still available to view on Vimeo, and that volunteers continue to monitor the MTC Forum and answer questions.??



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