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Pazzles InVue software is my main go-to software for creating and editing, along with Make The Cut. I use both a lot, because they each have features that the other doesn't have. It is very easy for me to move files between the two programs to access the particular tools I need. 

Make the Cut is definitely better at advanced tracing. Pazzles trace is OK.  Pazzles has video tutorials for using their software trace features.

SCAL has more tracing features than Pazzles. See the SCAL manual for instructions on using the tracing features in it.

Silhouette Studio has nice tracing features. See cleversomeday's Tracing Without Tears for guidance using Silhouette Studio. 
The huge issue with using Silhouette Studio is that to export your own designs from there to SVG, you need to purchase the Business Edition of Silhouette Studio. But you cannot export your purchased Studio files as SVG unless you pay extra for that privilege. And those exported SVG files do not work properly for me, for some unknown reason. I only use Silhouette Studio for organizing and downloading files I have purchased from their online store. Their latest software does not work properly on my computers.

Try the software you have, then give the others a fair try to see which you prefer. 


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I read the article on software on your website.  My questions are: Can Pazzles InVue do all of the things that MTC does? Is the scan feature as full-featured?  Does Silhouette Studio Designer Edition do all of the things that MTC does? What about the scan features of that software? What software comes closest to the scan feature of MTC?  I have Silhouette Studio Designer Edition, and an older version of SCAL.  Would there be any advantages to getting InVue? Please share your opinion on the longevity of the other programs.  Is SCAL likely to stay around?  Would it be good to upgrade to SCAL 5 and learn that now or is Silhouette Studio Designer Edition or InVue better?  I have never learned Silhouette Studio and only import files that I created in MTC to use to cut to a Portrait.  I also have a ScanNCut.  I have used MTC to make files for all of my cutters.  So in the end, should I concentrate on learning Studio, SCAL 5 or InVue?

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The Make The Cut site is GONE. This means that Make The Cut software and Popup Card Studio software are no longer for sale. This also means that there is no longer an option to retrieve your registration keys for MTC or PCS. You can no longer download MTC or PCS Trial versions or drivers. The MTC and PCS User Galleries no longer work within the software. 

However, you CAN still use Make The Cut and Popup Card Studio if you ever purchased it, and have saved it and your registration key on your computer. You DO need to PROTECT your copy of the software and your registration keys for future use. Save your entire Make The Cut! directory as well as your registration number to a thumb drive or a CD, in case you need to install Make The Cut to another computer. Copy everything from this folder  C:\Program Files (x86)\Make The Cut! to the thumb drive.  Then you can then plug in the thumb drive to a new computer and copy these files to the new computer.

Make The Cut is full featured cutting software that will cut directly to many different cutters. It includes many advanced design features. The software imports and exports many different file types. There have not been updates to this software in several years, so plugins for newer cutters are not available. But the software is still quite competitive in the market for those designing SVG cutting files.  You can create your own cutting files, or customize or edit designs that you have. Then you can select all (ctrl+a) and export as SVG Ctrl+Shift+S). These SVG files may be imported into your favorite cutting software.

The User Gallery in Make The Cut is no longer functional.  However, you can download thousands of designs from that Gallery. If you own Make The Cut, see this document to learn how to Retrieve your registration key by Sandy McCauley. She has also made some of the archived gallery files available for FREE download:

Files contributed by Dave (AKA Berry One) Dave contributed files primarily in MTC format. There are a few SVG files among his collection that even those who do not own Make The Cut can access.

MTC Gallery Rescue by User Paul Zingah   These are primarily files in MTC format with PNG thumbnail images.

Learning Make The Cut

Support for  Make The Cut software is available in the free User's Manual as well as at the Make The Cut Forum,  here at the free MTC-Tuts Group (join to access free  tutorials and cutting files), and at my YouTube channel.  We are here to help you use this excellent software. There are features in Make the Cut that I cannot find in other software. And many of its features are easier to use in MTC than in other programs. Make The Cut works very well in creating or customizing and editing cutting files. And you can export your designs from MTC to SVG format to use in other software programs on many different cutters.

Let me know how I can be of more assistance in your use of MTC or PCS.


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