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MTC 4.6.1 or 4.6.2 are the latest software versions. MTC 4.1.0 is the one you need to use with the Legacy Cricut machines. You also need the PCCPlugin.dll for use of MTC 4.1.0 to work with the legacy Cricut machines. You should find that in the plugins folder for MTC 4.1.0.


On 08/08/2020 9:06 PM Goldie Holzer <mariah10@...> wrote:

I, too, got a new computer last week. I do have a directory of ‘applications’….tons of software.

I found that I have saved all of these.  Which one do I need for the latest version? Which one supports the old cricut stuff?

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Subject: Re: [MTC-Tuts] IMPORTANT: MTC Site is GONE

Did you try recovering your registration key using the instructions provided by Sandy McCauley?





On 08/08/2020 7:09 PM Jeri Moody <craftyjsplace@...> wrote:

This upsets me so much. I understand Andy had to do what was best for his family but it’s frustrating to those who supported him when he first started going and now there’s no way to recover our registration keys, such as in my case. My computer crashed and now I’m left with a program I can no longer use. Of course I appreciate everything he’s done with the MTC program but still sad that some will be left with nothing in the end. No different than another cutter company that turned their backs on their customers and supporters. Sorry I’m just disappointed right now. 

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