Re: my cameo using mtc blade not working like it should

Julie Flanagan

In my experience with Cameo blades, they do not last long.  I always keep extras handy in case they suddenly go bad. 

That said, good settings vary with type of media, and settings can be different from one machine to the next. The environment also can effect which settings will work best, even between morning and afternoon, heater, air conditioner, humidity and dryness. Paper color even in the same line can make a difference as well. If it takes a setting of 4 to cut freezer paper, go for it. If the blade cuts through at all, it might be a pressure setting that needs to be adjusted, rather than blade depth.

Do test cuts before starting any new project. Then use the blade depth and pressure settings that works best.  Next time you do the same project, don't forget to test again, because ideal settings may change.


On June 6, 2020 at 12:16 PM Cheryl Rotnem <crotnem@...> wrote:

The last thing I remember cutting was a boxcard w/pop-ups. Then later I use a pen to draw some words. Next, I try to use blade 1 to cut freezer paper or vinyl and It won't cut unless it is on a 4. What could be wrong? Any help is much appreciated.

Cheryl Rotnem, CZT 11
Certified Zentangle® Teacher


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