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Julie Flanagan

You can link your cartridges to your account at Cricut if you want to use them with and Explore or Maker. Since cartridges are no longer available from Cricut they sell for quite a bit these days, especially is they are not linked.

You can download Cricut Design Space, and search for cartridges. Then you can see all of the images on the cartridges. But I do not know of any Gallery where you can view completed projects using specific cartridges. Maybe someone else here knows of someplace. Yahoo groups may have hosted them, but they are no longer available either. 

Best wishes in your search.


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Hi Julie,

It's been a while since I last contacted you or did anycrafts at all actually. I've become a Zumba fitness instructor (of all things!) and have been occupied with creating dance choreos :-p I wanted to say thank you so much for info on this great deal. I would not have known about Creative Fabrics without you and am so glad I signed up for their memberships. Such a great deal woohoo! You're the best!

Also Julie this is how long I've been out of the crafts world. I just found out that Cricut is no longer making physical cartridges! What a shock that is as i have over 125 carts and half of them I haven't even opened yet! I'm still using my Create Expression and Cricut Cake. I have a Cricut Explore 2 which I bought my daughter but she wanted the C Maker so I haven't jumped to to Cricut digital images as when I do any digital files I use my S Cameo. Now my question...Cricut used to have a very robust Gallery section where you can view projects made with a particular cartridge. I'm going thru my carts right now to see what I want to keep and what I might sell on Ebay (never done that before so have to figure it out). So I went to and noticed that got rid of the Gallery bc I guess since they are no longer selling carts. Do you know of any website that shows examples projects of each C cart? Not the which helps you look for images...I want to see if any carts are worth keeping based on seeing finished projects made with specific carts.  It's so time consuming to do a random google search for each cart and sometimes the results don't even pertain the to carts, but rather just what images are found in carts.

Any website tip you can point me to regarding finished projects using the Cricut would be awesome.

Thank you!

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020, 12:54:43 PM PDT, Julie Flanagan <craftymusician@...> wrote:

One of my favorite sites for getting commercial use fonts, SVG crafts, and printables is having a sale on their memberships. I purchased my membership when the cost was down like this, and now every month I can get anything I need for my projects at their site. They have over 700,000 designs to choose from

The offer is limited, so if you like what you see at their site, grab this deal it while it is available. 
You can still take advantage of their weekly free deals if you don't want the membership, and their bundles include amazing offers. If you haven't checked out Creative Fabrica lately, take a look. You are sure to find something you like. Be sure to grab all of their FREE STUFF while you are there.



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