Re: Creative Fabrica questions

Julie Flanagan

I find it easier and faster just to download the entire bundle. I can always remove the duplicate file if I need to. Going to each individual file in a bundle to download one at a time is very time consuming. You can check the items in a bundle by clicking on the images to see if you have any of them already. Then you will know which are duplicates, and remove duplicates if you want.


On April 30, 2020 at 10:21 AM Rosina Stefan <rstefan28@...> wrote:

I have a question for those of you who are familiar with the Creative Fabrica website/membership.  I have noticed (when I've actually paid attention) that just below the download button, in some cases it says that I've already downloaded the item.  The bundles are made up of tons of smaller sets/items so when I download, does the system somehow connect all the pieces in the bundle to my account and know that I've downloaded each of the individual sets/items from within the bundle?  Does it make sense to download the bundle or am I better off just going through each category and downloading each item of interest?  I feel if I download the bundles, I will have no way of knowing that I've already downloaded all the little individual items, font set, svg set, etc. from within the bundles and will end up duplicating a lot of downloads.  I want to unzip the files and sort them before there are too many and it's out of hand, but right now, that seems to be the only way it would flag that I already have an item downloaded because the names would be duplicated.

I've love to hear how those of you who use the site, avoid duplicated items when downloading bundles.



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