Amazing Spring Craft Bundle

Julie Flanagan

There is a nice new bundle available for the next 30 days that contains a number of items that interest me. Perhaps they will interest you as well.
Looking through the fonts, I love the Feeling Blessed Font. The 15 other fonts that come with the bundle look nice as well.

I like the Watercolor Floral Elements for printing and cutting to use as layered card decorations. I have been inspired my Anna Griffin's lovely floral pieces she uses to decorate her cards. But the sets are quite expensive to purchase.

I think I will print the Shabby Chic Wood digital paper, and use with my new French Cottage kit from Heartfelt Creations. I am not great with coloring, so I plan to cut some of the Door shapes from digital paper that I print on my own printer.

The 130 SVG Kitchen designs will work great with the Dollar Tree cutting plates that I have to make lovely gifts. I am always looking for great kitchen sayings that will work on these. These decorated cutting plates make quick, but impressive gifts for many different occasions. I give them as gifts for Bridal Showers, Weddings, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Birthdays, etc.

My favorite part of this kit is the Safari Animal Clipart. These are great as is for print and cut projects for children's cards. But I am working on making these cute animals into 3D decoupage type pieces, and putting the heads on with wobble springs. I edit the png files to separate the heads, feet, and tails, to print, cut, and overlay over the completed images. I have also made some really cut backgrounds to go with them on cards.
Theis entire kit is only $7! So even if I only use these few parts of the kit, it is well worth the price.
Here is my question for you. Kits like these come out regularly. I use different parts in different ways to make projects. Would you be interested in learning how to effectively use kits like this in your cutter crafting? What would you like to learn to do the most? I look forward to your responses.


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